Lifestyle Policy



No smoking in the common house or in common outside spaces

Trash & Clutter

  • Garbage must be stored in canisters in private yards so as to prevent it from being visible from the common areas.
  • Community members agree to clean up after the members of their households when using the common facilities.
  • Community members agree to not leave personal items in the common areas without the permission of the community. Donations of used furniture, toys, etc. to the community must be accepted by the committee responsible for that particular issue before the item(s) are placed in the common areas.


  • Community members are encouraged to be considerate of their neighbors and generally not operate loud machinery or play loud music before 8 am or after 9 pm on weekdays and before 8 am and 10 pm on weekends.
  • Bug zappers and leaf blowers are not allowed in the community due to both ecological and noise concerns.
  • People are encouraged to discuss parties that may cause noise issues with their neighbors beforehand.


See separate Pet Policy document.

Media and Children

In the common areas, we intend to limit television, videos, video games and other media for our children and will closely monitor what is available for appropriateness. We will actively provide a variety of healthy, creative alternatives to television and other media for the children in the community.


We are a gun-free community. No firearms are permitted on our premises.

Home Businesses

ACC members with home businesses are subject to the city of Ashland’s regulations regarding home businesses. Each new member household with a home business will bring the subject of their home business to the larger community for discussion and approval prior to becoming equity members. Pre-existing equity members beginning a new business will also bring their potential home business to the larger community for discussion and approval prior to starting it. This will be done to prevent unforeseen negative impact on the community. Furthermore, common areas are not to be used for home business use (e.g. tai chi classes in the play area, home business storage in the common house, fabricating home business items in the workshop) except with consensus permission by the community.