Our Shared Values


Our community contains elements that nourish a vibrant, meaningful life for every member.

Following the Cohousing Model

We follow the classic cohousing model devised in Denmark, where residents design their own community, parking is on the periphery, units are individually owned and the common facilities and land are commonly owned. Units are affordably priced and include rentals where possible. The individual units are arranged in building clusters in order to maximize open, green space. Regular community meetings shape the direction and growth of the community. Residents share community work.

Valuing Children

Children are valued as full members of the community. Our resources support children as well as adults. Children are intentionally included in the daily life of the community. As a community we value children as unique individuals and treat them with respect and compassion. As a community we strive to practice and model non-violent communication and actions with children as well as with adult members of the community.

Sharing Goods and Resources

We share goods and resources such as tools, transportation and childcare. We share food costs for common meals and do bulk buying whenever possible. By providing storage facilities, child play areas, workshop, common gathering and dining space, we are able economically and efficiently to provide quality spaces. Shared laundry, office and guest space are also available upon request.

Living Sustainably

We are committed to reducing consumption and conserving natural resources. Our community design conserves energy and water. We strive to use ecologically sound maintenance practices and building materials where possible. Vegetarian food is available at all common meals. We offer nontoxic options in our building materials. We recognize that the choices to live in town (reducing our driving miles) and engage in a social situation that shares responsibilities (reducing isolation and repetition) are steps towards a sustainable lifestyle.

Sharing Community Life

We wish to enable each person to create a satisfying balance between solitude and large and small gatherings. We have regular gatherings to celebrate events such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and the life of the community.

We choose to resolve conflict peacefully and with a spirit of goodwill based on mutual respect, support and trust. We strive to treat every person in the community with respect and kindness. We govern ourselves through a form of consensus decision-making that includes delegating responsibility to committees.

Equity and Diversity

We are committed to equal opportunity and to diversity of experience, background and thought. We are striving in our community to create a place where all members can share their voices, experiences, intellect and multi-dimensionality. We recognize that communities guided by a rich diversity of experience and wisdom will be strong and resilient.

We are a community who historically has had small numbers of people of color. We are attaching this quote by Dr Robin DiAngelo to identify that we are looking at our internal and systemic racism:

White people raised in Western society are conditioned into a white supremacist worldview because it is the bedrock of our society and its institutions. The messages circulate 24-7 and have little or nothing to do with intentions, awareness or agreement. Entering the conversations of racism with this understanding is freeing because it allows us to focus on how-rather than if-our racism is manifest. When we move beyond the good/bad binary, we can become eager to identify our racist patterns because interrupting those patterns becomes more important than managing how we thing we look to others. Stopping our racist patterns must be more important than convincing others we do not have them. By articulating how racism and white supremacy impede people of color we desire to influence the conversations that might, at times, feel uncomfortable. In saying this, we recognize this is a journey, not a destination that is rooted in the learning and acknowledgement that we will make mistakes.