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We are a 13 unit townhome development on 1.3 acres in Ashland, Oregon with a community garden, workshop, common areas and ample space for children to play.



I've moved around and lived as a "grown-up" for the last several years, I have often missed my college days. One thing I miss most strongly is the relaxed and easy social atmosphere: you'd leave your room and end up in a Frisbee game, or a conversation about a book, or a political protest, or an impromptu dance party. You could just stay home, sit on your porch, and several people would stop by. Some of the most memorable and important learning happened at 3 am, just because it could. While I realize co-housing won't be exactly like college (nor would I want it to be), I am drawn to the thought of being able to have spontaneous interactions again, over tea, with music, or just people being together. Who knows what the day will bring?

Matt & Claire

What's Happening at Ashland Cohousing