Welcome to Ashland Cohousing Community

We are a 13 unit townhome development on 1.3 acres in Ashland, Oregon with a community garden and ample space for children to play.

I look forward to spontaneous social interactions like dropping in for a cup of tea, chatting while doing laundry in the common house, gardening and cooking together. These are the moments when I am most relaxed and can enjoy being with other people without having to 'schedule it in'.

Karen Scheer

What's Happening at Ashland Cohousing

July 20, 2014

dear coho-ers,

we had a great workday, with much landscape and garden weeding, sprucing up of the driveway and parking and bike shed and patio areas, compost exploration and spreading, and assorted garden tasks. thank you crew of leah, katherine, melanie, jan, lg, james, malena, sheryl, luna, macy, and tia. we have commitments from jane and doug to clean the common house, doug and karen to weed grass mound, claire to fix the sand box, matt to fix the play structure, and ben to weed the grass lawn. kudos for getting up early today and working in the heat that arrived by 9! awesome job!!

xo, sarah