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We are a 13 unit townhome development on 1.3 acres in Ashland, Oregon with a community garden, workshop, common areas and ample space for children to play.



Another reason I'm drawn to cohousing has to do with kids. We've always said that someday we'll have kids, but we're just not ready yet. Well, "someday" doesn't seem so far away anymore, and the idea of being a mother is thrilling and terrifying all at once. To be able to raise kids in a communal setting, to have an extended family (especially since ours is spread across thousands of miles), to be surrounded by support and experience, to have our children interact with people of all ages, to have fun out the front door; all that seems like an amazing opportunity. I've often felt that our current society is really lacking a strong sense of community, and thinking about having kids just highlights it for me. I think cohousing offers an appealing solution.

Matt & Claire

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