Membership Policy

Underlying Values

  • The process is meant to be an enjoyable exploration of cohousing community living.
  • The intention of the following requirements are to facilitate a process which helps prospective members make informed decisions about joining our cohousing community and to create opportunities for relationships and collaboration.
  • We want to encourage prospective members to be involved with and contribute to our community in order to develop relationships before buying or renting a home in our community.
  • We want to avoid situations where homes are sold or rented to people who do not fully understand or embrace the type of inter-connected and self-governed community we are creating.
  • We believe the best way for prospective members to be informed about our community is for them to be involved in the work and get to know us personally. Our intention is to continue the self-selecting membership process and preserve the experience of getting to know future homeowners and renters.
  • We want future members to fully consider whether our values, policies and expectations resonate with their vision of community living.
  • By request, the membership committee may waive or modify requirements as long as the intent of these actions is fulfilled.


Each adult considering living in our community will meet the following requirements:

  • Attend one meeting, or part of a meeting, as is appropriate depending on the agenda
  • Come to a meal or social event
  • Have individual or group conversations with current members at a mutually convenient time... come join us at a common meal and talk to us.
  • Review the following information:
  • Read and understand our policies and values. Please ask questions. All members are expected to consent to our existing policies and values and are encouraged to initiate a discussion on altering our policies when they conflict with our values
  • Read the document "Practical Things You Should Know About the Ashland Cohousing Community"
  • We would love to arrange an informal get-together for you to discuss and clarify any items on this list, as well as discuss our basic agreements around attendance at meetings, workdays, common meals, working on a team, or anything else you'd like to talk about.